Currently, we operate a research exchange program and have planned to open a student exchange program in the near future. For the last five years, our research exchange program with IRD France and the University of Montpellier on aquatic biodiversity has been running well as expected. We will also expand our planned collaboration on the establishment of an International Laboratory aiming at facilitating international mobility between the member of involved institutions (Indonesia and Europe).

A lecturer Politeknik KP Sorong and some researchers from LIPI Oceanography were at the Molecular laboratory of the University of Montpellier participated in a mobility program on the topic of DNA barcoding (photo: Sugeha/LIPI).

Research on aquatic diversity (i.e multi taxa and disciplines) in Indonesian New Guinea is one of the common topics bridging the exchange and mobility of Indonesian scientists and Europe (mainly French researchers). All our mobility programs are based on a research project and a capacity-building program.