Workshop Writing proposal Innovation 2021

Circular: internal campus
Financial source: DIPA, 2021

A short guideline is presented below:

  • Topic should be an original idea, based on your expertise (kepakaran), Research group (Subrumpun ilmu) and department home base (KKD Prodi).
    • KKD Penangkapan Ikan, link
    • KKD Mekanisasi Perikanan, link
    • KKD Budidaya Perikanan, link
  • Title or topic has been verified as unoverlapping status with the online reference of the intellectual property rights
  • Topic coverage: marine and fisheries (technology, social and economy)
  • Structure of the proposal: 4-5 pages, line spacing: 1.
    • Cover page includes the name Person in Charge, kepakaran, Subrumpun ilmu, KKD, email and Telephone
    • Executive summary (1 paragraph max. 125 words)
    • Background (2 paragraphs)
    • Output (short period) and outcome (long period) (2 pars)
    • Design and detailed activities (1 page)
    • Business model Canvas, see model, video, example figure (1 page)
    • Estimated cost and timeline (two tables, 1 page)
    • An example given of innovation proposal is as follows, click
  • Proposal submission to innovation database will be guided by the staff Kuniran:

Corresponding program:
Tel: +62 855-8903-554